We create Videos of measurable returns!
We have produced videos for small and big companies over the past years. We have experienced the change in advertising at first hand and know its pitfalls. And now our high quality and strategic video production transforms the way businesses and brands engage with their stakeholders. What's more to our craft of Videography is our ability to deliver live-like Videos for any type of event and documentaries over a diverse clientele. We work with you to identify the right type of video that ensures;
you have the right type of video content.
the content is accessed by the right audience.
the content leads to leads to achieving your goal.
Here is what we do under Video Production;

Documentary videos

From short to long business, project or personal video documentaries, we produce the real stories on the ground.

Video Commercials

We create engaging and shareable videos commercials that shows off your brand and help achieve your marketing goal.

Corporate Events

We cover, produce and deliver lively and and top notch corporate events videos that amazes and delivers its objectives.

Wedding Videos

We capture your beautiful  lifetime wedding moments and deliver videos and pictures of thousand live lifetime memories.

Music Videos

We direct, shoot, produce and deliver top standard music videos of any genre, with creative feel that ensures success.


We produce and deliver telling creative short and long films under our goal of inspiring productive Film Industry in Malawi.
We create mind-blowing animation videos either as commercial Adverts, presentation or communication videos for any target audience.
Video Management
We offer video management services that ensures measurable and successful Video implementation and distribution.

HD Plus Creations targets you and whenever your company, organization, event or any other need more than just a video!

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